3H means...
Honors Happy Hour
Once upon a drunken time...
there existed an office wench, The Maven, who sadly lost her after work partner-in-cocktails to another upstart start-up.  With no one to party with, she aimlessly wandered through the maze of cubicles and halls at The Office.  Then one day, a serendipitous meeting with The Import and his wingman, The Enforcer, catapulted them all from the doldrums of corporate slavery and whore work to the voracious world of Happy Hours and Debauchery...
This is the epic journey of their collective livers...
The 5 Carnal Rules
First Rule of 3H
We do not talk about work nor anything relating to work or similar activity.
Second Rule of 3H
You must imbibe on alcoholic beverages. Masticating is optional.
Third Rule of 3H
Flaking is prohibited.Do not RSVP and be absent.We reserve the right to duly punish as permissible by our by-laws.
Fourth Rule of 3H
By invitation only, but we
are very inclusive. Ingratiate yourself with one of the Instigators for an invite.
Fifth Rule of 3H
Mind your manners, know your limits, and have fun.
get lit the 3H way
Every Tuesday
Someplace, somewhere, somehow. Await a missive from an Instigator on the location of choice.
5 to 5:30ish post meridiem until closing time.
Or, when you’ve reached your limit, keel over, black out, etc.  
You are an adult and
we are not a babysitting posse, so we expect you
to drink responsibly.  
The Guest
Yup, this
would or
could be you.
The V.I.
Nope, you don’t want
to be him.
The Madam
The Enforcer
The Sage
The Ace
The Import
The Pledge
The Iz