Where in the world is Rhez?
Been here.  Done that.  But, not all.

About Me

Main Entry: Rhez

Pronunciation: 'rez

Function: noun

Form: female radical

aka: the Maven

1 : A/n > vowel mechanic,    slow suicide, straight swinger, somber lush, ignorant erudite, masochistic lover, resident tourist, honest liar, imbibing masticator, bittersweet talker, introverted extrovert, selfish giver, bored activist, clean mess, compassionate cynic, exclusively inclusive, et al

2 : I live a charmed life.


ppl wth brkn/mssng vwls, impeccable speakers, somnambulists, linguists, erudites, synoxymorons, situationists, alliterates, mentors, lovers, noetic theorists, unscrupulous heartbreakers, fellow trysters, existentialists, exhibitionists, the few wrong ones, the many right ones, the only one, catatonic dreamers, and empanadaphiles.


Favorite Quotes

  1. Bullshit are the crayons in the coloring book of life. - me

  2. It's it, if you're to use your head, and they're there with theirs if they get this.

  3. Now, we're going where with all these? - me

  4. I'm cleanly a mess. - me

  5. A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving. - Lao Tzu

  6. Got tight last night on absinthe. Did knife tricks. - Hemingway

  7. I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know? - Hemingway

  8. If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much room. - African proverb

Activities:   A whole lot of this and that.

Books:   A whole lot of those especially Hemingway.

Heroes:   My bestfriends. The whole lot of them.

Interests:   A whole lot of these.

:: absinthe, absolutes, alliterism, anger management, antagonists, bittersweet talking, buddhism, chaos theory, chuck palahniuk, core-flexing, dreamcatchers, edward norton, epic storytelling, ernest hemingway, erudites, fast lanes, fiction, frida kahlo, gabriel garcia marquez, gaudi, grey goose pear vodka, gustav klimt, hamartophilia, hash house harriers, honest liars, iambs, impeccable speakers, im/practical information, independent films, inebriated measured jogging, incense, intercontinental hoboism, jack kerouac, jack russell terriers, jose saramago, linguae francae, mandalas, masochistic lovers, master spellers, memory, michael crichton, mindphuquers, mindless travel, misr, murakami, noesis, picasso, philip k dick, pilates, richard preston, sadism, san francisco bay area, selfish giving, side stepping, silence, sinistrophilia, somnambulism, steve jobs, straight swinging, sweet stevia, synoxymorons, tattoos, tea, tiramisu, tolkien, tom clancy, tom robbins, tropics, unscrupulous heartbreakers, vocabulary, void, vonnegut, white wine...


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